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EP 31: The Tutorial Spirit

April 19, 2021
🎙Principles in Practice Homeschool Podcast
Episode 31: The Tutorial Spirit
Takes just less than 25 minutes of your time.
Join Heather as she wraps up our Teaching Ten Series. In this podcast, she shares about:
▪️The tutorial spirit of the Principle Approach®
▪️Leading every child into learning
▪️Why test, why assess?
▪️The Principle Approach® standard
▪️Teachers enter hearts by invitation only
▪️Purposeful assessment
▪️Focusing on the goal (what is the goal?)
▪️Excellence of character
▪️And more . . .
If you've been following our podcast, you'll know that we think you'll find this information valuable and worth your time.
☕️Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot coco and enjoy listening with a friend. Maybe even enjoy listening as you go for a walk.
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